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MINI AIR SAW & FILE Shinano SI-4740

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   Shinano Air Saw & File SI-4730 is devised for production line where sheet of metal and fibres were processed in busy queue. Thanks to its clever rotary motor design, the precision gears offer smoother operation, low vibration and lower noise level compared to SI-4700B & SI-4710 which are using conventional piston mechanism.

By having this air hack saw, you will achieve a lower cost of operational and easy on the maintenance. Thanks to its full-size form factors, heat can be dissipated better and equally convenient as a must have power tool for fiber boat repair, on auto shops as well as fabrication yard. You can also use it for various rescue or repair cut on B and A pillars of car frame, cutting jagged and corrugated metal sheet and even trimming off the excess fiber after the molding process and many more.


Shinano Air Saw & File SI-4730 features:

  • Smallest and lightest air saw
  • Easy to use in tight place
  • Conveniently ergonomical design allow lesser operational fatigue and enhance practicality.
  • Only 5 mm. strokes and other parts are not damaged
  • This model mechanism has a rotary air motor and makes working strokes through the gears, unlike the SI-4700B & SI-4710 which are worked by piston mechanism.


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